miércoles, noviembre 15, 2006


"Dare to dance
outside the lines."

Today is the day to give yourself permission
to break the rules, to move outside the
boundaies of your usual way of looking at
things. For the time being, forget about
practical, realistic ideas. Dare to go beyond
the self-censorship that comes from
worrying about what other people think.

When you follow your heart and dismiss
unimportant "shoulds", you open the door
to creative, spiritual, and personal
breakthroughs. Try it - today!

Meditations for women. All rights reserved.
¡Gracias Anabelle por enviarlo!

2 comentarios:

Ginnette dijo...

Voy a ponerlo en práctica. Gracias!

Chelle dijo...

esto me gusto mucho

hay que saber cuando soltar pa mantener la cordura :D