domingo, septiembre 03, 2006

Is God real, daddy?

Is God real, daddy ?

Shekhar Kapur - August 27, 2006

It's late in the night
I hold your little hand in mine
we lie in bed as u stare at the ceiling
what is God, Daddy
is God real ?

of course my love
God is real
God is love

but does God exist, Daddy
or is he in my imagination ?

both, my love
God is real
and in your imagination
God is a feeling
an emotion
the most powerful emotion in the world
God is love

I don't understand, daddy

do u love your little white bunny
that you cuddle up with every night ?

Yes, daddy

Is the bunny real, or
is it a doll ?

It is a doll, daddy

But in your arms at night,
your love for the bunny is real ?

Yes, daddy

That love,
my love
is God
for God can make
anything real
if there is love

Did God make me
and you and mummy ?

Yes my love,
God is like a vast ocean
and all of us are drops
from that ocean
which makes you God too

And mummy ?

Yes mummy too
and everything you see
and hear
and feel
and imagine
is God

I don't understand, daddy

Neither do I, my love
how do I tell u
that God is not answer
but a Question
and always will be ?

How do I tell u,
that you knew God
the world is teaching you
to define everything ?

How do I tell u
that your Daddy
does not know anything
but that God is the connection
between the real and imagined ?

How do I tell u
that God is Love
a Love
that holds the entire Universe
in an eternal embrace ?


2 comentarios:

Rosannita dijo...

God is love... God is real!

Mich dijo...

No hay nada mas cierto que Dios!