miércoles, agosto 23, 2006

Pray for World Peace

Pray for World Peace
Dear Friend,
“Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with God’s love in my heart.”
We are affirming these words for our world now. Knowing that there is great power in united prayer, we in Silent Unity invite you to join your heart with ours in affirming the words above to build a consciousness of peace that enfolds and blesses the world.
Peace begins in the heart of each individual. When you center yourself in the love of God and focus your thoughts on peace, you create a sacred place within your heart, dedicated to experiencing and expressing the love of God. As you then begin to let divine love radiate out from you to your family members and friends, you take the first step in generating peace around you. When you extend your thoughts of love and peace to your community, your country, and then to nations and people everywhere, you create an atmosphere of peace that embraces the world.
Prayer is continuous in Silent Unity, and anytime you pray, you are linking your heart with hundreds of people here at Unity Village and with millions more around the world. We invite you to take time each day to join us in affirming these words of prayer, either silently or aloud, and in envisioning peace everywhere. You can listen and watch the “Song of Peace” meditation, which will help you create an environment of peace during your prayer times. You may also submit a prayer request for world peace, or whatever is near to your heart, to Silent Unity.
Daily Word, the daily devotional magazine of Silent Unity, frequently features messages of world peace. Explore dailyword.com where you will find inspiring messages of peace, harmony, and more.
We are one in the love of God—a love that is being expressed through the leaders and citizens of the world as infinite wisdom, a spirit of understanding, and a willingness to resolve conflict in a peaceful manner. You play an important role in creating a peaceful world, and as we join our hearts with yours in prayer, we know that our united consciousness of divine love blesses the planet. In love and peace,
Silent Unity

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Will dijo...

como no tienes cajita de dialogo..te informo que pases por mi blog, si quieres una camiseta..

dirat dijo...

little florwer, te felicito por estar siempre en una actitud pacifista y de amor a la humanidad.
Lo que eres tu y michelle, son dos ejemplos de empatia y solidaridad.
un abrazo full de amor, y mis mejores deseos para ti y toda tus familia.
p.s gracias por el dato que me pasaste.

florecita dijo...

Ay gracias muchacho!!!!!!!! Como dicen las guaguas... que Dios te devuelva lo que me deseas a mi...
Un abrazote,

Ah, Will hasta que no salde los gastos de Madrizzz no hay gastos extras!!!!!!