jueves, agosto 30, 2007

Heaven & Earth...

Heaven & Earth... por todos porque somos UNO...
Jon Anderson from legendary band "YES" produced this album with Warner Music and sings in two of the tracks, this video was done for one of them: "The 2nd Prey", and it was possible thanks to a generous donation by the Tony Osher Foundation/Productions + Warner Music.

Heaven & Earth was born from a small group of friends that would sing in the campfires of annual reunions at the beach. Later, they all got involved in ecological activities and spiritual gatherings and the circle of friends became bigger and the songs better.

"Councils of Visions" are gatherings of people of different nationalities and spiritual beliefs that have organized giant gatherings to share the knowledge of different ancient and new age traditions, among them: the Red Path of the Native American tribes, the warrior & sacred path of the Pre-Hispanic traditions of America (Olmec Toltec, Mayan, Aztec, etc.), Quartz Nature, Auto-Sustainable Living, Alternative Energy workshops and a mix of practices & wisdom from Buddism, Hinduism and Tai-Chi as well. These "Council Gatherings" became huge, sometimes up to 10,000 people camping on the middle of nowhere with months of proffesional eco-preparation for 2 weeks of Utopian Living (like a "Rainbow Festival" upgraded with conferences and a "Buring Man Festival " organization), and did several giant gatherings and rituals on different energy spots of America including pyramids and sacred chackras of the land all over the continent in which "Cielo y Tierra" participated and also played their music.(check out: Consejo de Visiones, Consejo Birregional, Rainbow Gathering, or Tortuga Island on Google)

Jon Anderson heard "Cielo y Tierra" in one of his mystery magical journeys and got amazed by their music, he offered to bring them to the commercial world of music and produce for them an album, the band agreed as long as their way of working and music would be respected.

"Cielo y Tierra" is: Pedro Vadhar- composition and lyrics & 4 beautiful girls: Estushia-lyrics, guitar and percusions, Angelica, Luana & Mariana-choirs and percusions.

The video was shot in Amatlan de Quetzalcoatl, Morelos Mexico,
(hometown of the "Great Quetzalcoatl" lider and messiah in Pre-Hispanic times) a few miles from the famous pyramid of Tepoztlan and Malinalco piramids.

It is a MusicVideo-Documentary testimony of a real shamanic ritual night, held specially for the video by shamans of 3 different traditions: Hopi, Huichol and Aztec. At first, all 3 shamans rejected the idea and told director Leonardo Bondani that they would never mix their ritual with another tradition and that it had never been done, also that cameras where totally out of the question.
Pedro, the girls and Leonardo asked the elders if it wasn't the time our ancestors had predicted for all traditions to come out of obscurity and be shared with the world at no delay to awaken as much souls as possible before the year 2013.

An all day & night ritual that started with ceremonies for the 4 elements and dances during the evening made the setting for the night chants, drumming and a sweatlodge ceremony in which the sacred tobbaco pipes where lit, and share with the viewer how after hours of singing and dancing, this altered states of mind done in a proper & respectful way conect us all to the sacred world of love & life.

Producer: Tony Osher
Directed by leonardobondani

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