domingo, noviembre 19, 2006


Porque trabajo por la paz... desde mi lugar... desde el centro de mi alma y mi corazón, sin mucho coro... vibrando para que lo que se mueva a mi alrededor se contagie... porque el día a día, en cada uno de nosotros suma puntos... porque es parte de lo que me mantiene viva y me hace soñar... dar gracias por todo, por lo que me hace un Ser completo... el blanco y el negro, las tristezas y las alegrías, la salud y la enfermedad, el trabajo y el descanso, el amor y el odio... cada una de las dicotomías de la vida... con sus puntos infinitos de por medio...

Un abrazote y namasté...

The World Puja Network
Insight to Self-Celebration

Namaste Everyone,

Before you get inundated with Thanksgiving E-mails I wanted to send our
blessings, gratitude and great love to you for the global support you
given to us at The World Puja Network. It is your love and energy that
given such magnificent support to this precious vehicle of Light, The
Puja Network and to so many of our guests whom many of you didn't come
know until this past year. We are all eternally grateful to you.


Next week in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving. Throughout my
life Thanksgiving, the celebration of giving thanks and gratitude for
that we have, has always made my soul sing. Yet at the same time I have
always thought, like all marked days that are reflective on gratitude,
peace or holiness, why do humans make it a point to just pull out a day
two throughout the year to deeply feel the many blessings in their
Why do we not activate and celebrate the power of thanksgiving every
day of our lives?

I know each one of us feels the power that is restored to our beings
we give thanks, when we are grateful for whatever is. Yet as a
we don't do it every day and rarely do we Self-Celebrate.

I would like to ask everyone who is reading this to take a moment to
thanks for Who You Are right here and right now regardless of any
circumstances that the mind or ego have decided are painful or

Self-celebration is something that few on our Planet engage in, even on
day called Thanksgiving.

Please put your right hand over your hearts and take a breath into the
center of your hearts and feel your own souls love for you. Do it twice
again. Feel the love that God surrounds you with and the gratitude that
bestowed upon you for the courage that it took for you to willingly
an incarnation that would tax your very spirit in ways that no
ever has. Bless yourself for your courage and your willingness to
into a state of forgetfulness and disharmony in order to return a
and a Planet to Light.

You know and you knew that this transformation would be riddled with
challenge, but you did it anyway. God Blesses You. Bless yourself. Each
step you take forward is cause for celebration. Your singular intent
actions move mountains of dense consciousness making it possible to
birth a
New World. That is cause for Self-Celebration and Thanks-giving.

You are each the most powerful tool the Transition in Consciousness of
Humanity and Planet Earth has. It is you making a commitment to Love,
God, to yourselves that is the Ascension and makes it possible for
to be ushered through the transitional doorway.

From me to you, I say thank you, thank you, thank you. You are each a
blessing to The World, and to the World Puja Network.

Please enjoy all of the wonderful people that have joined us over the
year at World Puja, enjoy the holiday gifts and know you are loved.

Many blessings,
Maureen Moss
Executive Producer and Host of The Power of Life

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gonzalo dijo...

gracias, a los que trabajan por la paz.

Demetrix dijo...

PA serte sincero no entendi mucho la parte en ingles, pero el primer parrafo medio buena vibra!!...