jueves, febrero 02, 2006

Hola anexo una nota bien padre, que me envió mi amada amiga PureBeauty (Brinda) el que quiera unirse o darle forward para seguir construyendo la paz desde adentro que se una... Besitos...

On 17th February, people all over the world will come together in mind and spirit to celebrate their connection with each other with two minutes silence at 3.00pm, USA, Eastern Time.
There is a spark of freedom that lives deep within all humanity... It is called a free spirit and on World Human Spirit Day, it will be communicating to the human race loud and clear; I'm A Free Spirit ... I demand peace and harmony on earth.
It is now time for the human spirit to live the creative, peaceful life it is meant to live, and for the personal human ego to serve that purpose...Together we can all make a difference. ***************
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