jueves, julio 21, 2005

About dreams and life,
thank you Gitti for the reminder...

The other day my friend Gitti wrote about my wishful thinking and how everything I picture on my mind is just right here with me... well, well, now I have to tell you the truth, there are a lot of things that I wish that are not still materialized, I have my house in Las Terrenas, one of the most beautiful places in the island, and my house is full of yellow and red flowers, as a patflower's house should be... the point is that my dreams are here, inside my head, my soul and I am just focusing on the great things in my life, grievances aren't part of my daily life... I am always giving thanks to God, the Holy Mary and all the Saints, because you'll never know when you will need them... I will continue later I need to rest.

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lagitti dijo...

The thing is, y eso lo he aprendido de ti, que primero es importante saber qué queremos, qué nos hace falta, qué nos hace felices, segundo, (yo y mis listas), identificar cómo llegar ahí y después ¡vivir de acuerdo a nuestro corazón! Una vez nuestroa anhelos están ahí adentro, claros y seguros, trabajar por ellos no parecerá trabajo. Claro que te falta la casa en Las Terrenas y la Discovery llena de plátanos y berenGenas, pero todo a su tiempo!